Spring Special: Furnace and A/C System Price Reduction

Have you had the opportunity to check out any of the “free furnace” offers available this spring?  You typically find out that most of these offers are based on slick marketing and smoke-and-mirrors pricing.  That “free furnace” may only be available on the $15,000 system.  Or the price has been marked-up on your new system to more than cover the cost of your “free furnace”.  And you probably can’t get their pushy salesman up from your kitchen table and out of your house until you’ve agreed to buy an electronic air cleaner, a humidifier and a new, whiz-bang programmable thermostat.  Of course you don’t want, or need, any of them!

At E & Q Heating and Cooling, we provide competitively priced equipment year-round.  Our goal is to sell you exactly what you want and need.  Not what we want to sell you.  If you want a $15,000 system, we can sell one to you…but it won’t cost $15,000.  If you’re interested in something a little more economical, we’re more than happy to install a lower priced system for you.  Why??  Because we don’t have to pay for all of that radio and TV advertising!!

Save up to $500 on a competitively priced furnace and A/C system! Contact us to schedule your appointment now because this offer is good only until April 30, 2017.