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Tailored Home Comfort Solutions for
Better Health and Better Quality of Life

Nothing else matters if you don’t have your health. Nothing is truer and it’s our dedication to providing total home comfort that sets E & Q Heating and Cooling apart from others. We are more than a heating and cooling company. E & Q is an interior environmental company. Living comfortably in your home is much more than being hot or cold and adjusting a thermostat. Our trained, experienced technicians can make your home an oasis from the outside elements–pollutants, allergens, temperature extremes and humidity fluctuations—all year long.

Indoor Air Quality

Ultraviolet (UV) lighting technology represents the gold standard in air disinfectants. UV lights are installed in strategic areas in your heating and cooling system and duct work to dramatically reduce airborne bacteria and allergens circulating through your air. For those with allergies or compromised immune systems, UV light systems are a must for better health and air quality.

High efficiency air cleaners are another minimal maintenance, high performance option to improve indoor air quality. These air cleaners are capable of catching between 80% and 99% of all airborne particles in your home compared to the 5% to 15% trapped by common furnace filters. An air cleaner not only improves your home’s air quality, it helps preserve furnishings by reducing the amount of dust in the air. And that means less cleaning, too.

Heat Imbalance Solutions

Heat imbalances throughout the home are one of the most common concerns customers share with our heating and cooling experts. With the right solution, we can create a comfortable, even temperature throughout your home. We can help you save money by heating and cooling certain areas or zones at the appropriate times since it doesn’t make sense to heat and cool your home the same way at all times of the day.

Our heat imbalance solutions also solve those annoyances you’ve been dealing with for years—spending your summers in the basement where it’s cooler. Spending your winters upstairs because it’s warmer there. Depending on your home’s layout, your lifestyle, schedule and other needs, E & Q uses electronic zoning controls, dampening and duct addition to create the ideal indoor climate any time of year.

Humidity Control

Controlling humidity requires installing the right sized air conditioner or heat pump for your home’s size. Too small a unit doesn’t have the capacity to pull the humidity out of the air. Too much humidity fogs up your windows, which creates condensation that can ruin your trim and makes the house feel warmer in hot summer months.

In the winter months your furnace warms the air, and it dries it out. Dry air leads to dry skin, throats and home furnishings. Whole house humidifiers (either steam generating or air over water units) add moisture to the air to keep you feeling warmer without cranking up the thermostat. Improved comfort and lower utility bills make the winter a lot more enjoyable.