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Cooling brands

Every brand we carry, we service and install for you. All of our equipment is comprised of long-lasting products that easily outperform competing brands. We offer Kansas City homeowners the best possible brands that are always improving and are fully insured. In addition, thanks to our professional HVAC mechanics we can offer you a full line of only the best in the latest technology, design, and efficiency.

Carrier. Turn to the Experts.

carrier-logoCarrier is the world leader in air conditioning. After all, it was Willis H. Carrier who designed the first modern air conditioning system in July of 1902, changing the way we live today. Since that time, millions of homeowners, like you, have installed and rely on Carrier systems to stay cool on the hottest days of the year. Plus Carrier delivers the quietest and most efficient models to deliver the highest degree of comfort.


AmanaAMANA is a brand that we are proud to stand behind. The cooling system is of the highest quality, performing at premium levels and is quickly becoming one of the most energy efficient companies in America. With a brand that stands for innovation and dependability, you can expect the best product performance and warranty in the industry. Between the manufactures warranty and our incentive 10 year warranty, you will be giving your home the investment it deserves.

Built Right. Built by York®.

YorkBuilt Right is a high quality New York comfort system. Built by York, this system shows the highest quality of dependable service that comes with 135 years of service. Built Right displays the ENERGY STAR label ensuring you will save on your utility bill. In addition, we offer 10 years of free maintenance labor as an addition to providing you with a service warranty.


The Goodman brand takes central air conditioning to a whole new level. This system is perfect for your home and is offered at an affordable price. Offering low energy output high efficient capabilities, and a long lasting warranty, this system is meant for any home owner.


Daikin is a global leader in innovation for home comfort. By turning air conditioning in to an art form, Daikin blends with the home interior and offers a room by room separate control system. The Daikin brand has created the type of technology that is both sophisticated and precise. It allows everyone to have their own personal comfort zone and separate temperatures determined in each room while conserving energy.


The Mitsubishi brand is an award winning line that offers variable split zoning cooling. With Mitsubishi Electric Cooling and Heating you will experience the comfort of individual room controls and high quality energy. The Mitsubishi brand is always offering the best products that you will enjoy for years to come.