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Are you being over-charged??

Knowing you need a furnace or air conditioner repair is not a pleasant feeling. It’s similar to the feeling you get before a visit to the car repair shop—the fear you are going to get “taken to the cleaners.” You do not have enough knowledge to question or dispute the diagnosis completed by whoever is doing your repairs. Your concern, in some cases, is well placed. Many HVAC service technicians’ paychecks are based on commission. In other words: the more they sell, the more money in their own pockets.

For example: let’s consider a bad capacitor, which should be a $100 – $150 charge. The symptoms of a bad capacitor could look very much like a bad blower motor, or worse yet, a bad compressor. A blower motor replacement can cost anywhere from $500 to well over $1,000, depending on the type of motor. A compressor change-out could cost from $1,200 to well over $3,000, including replacing your entire refrigerant charge. If your service technician’s paycheck depends on which direction he takes you, it’s clear to see how you may well be pressured and ultimately conned into paying for something you don’t need.

Of course not all technicians paid on a commission basis are untrustworthy. But some are. Are you willing to take the chance?

At E & Q Heating and Cooling, our service technicians are paid on an hourly basis. Their paychecks will be the same regardless of what your final bill might be. You can rest assured that your heating or cooling issue will be resolved in the most cost-efficient manner. We operate with the highest level of integrity!

So the next time your furnace or A/C is acting up, give us a call at (816) 524-2448 and be confident knowing “we don’t charge for anything you don’t need.”