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The Right Furnace Could Improve Your Air Quality at Home

Indoor air quality can determine the health of you and your family as well as affect the cleanliness of your home. But did you know that buying a furnace with the right Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV) rating could make a significant difference in your air quality atQuality Air 3 home? The MERV rating affects your indoor air quality in a number of ways:

What is a MERV Rating?
The MERV rating tells you how well your furnace filter traps the particles drawn from the air into the furnace airflow. A MERV rating appears on every furnace.

The rating scale numbers from 1-16 with one being the lowest efficiency rating and 16 being the highest. Lower MERV ratings let you know that larger particles such as carpet fibers will be taken care of while the higher ratings promise that even microscopic bacteria will be removed from the air in your home.

Which Rating is Right for You?
A MERV rating of 16 will trap the tiniest particles possible. This grade furnace is a great option for environments which require the purest air – hospitals or commercial areas with expensive electrical equipment look for a high MERV rating for their units. This furnace rating is also the right choice for people with serious allergy issues. However, units with a 16 MERV rating also tend to be the most expensive.

While critical commercial spaces might choose the very highest MERV rated furnace, the average family can enjoy high quality air at home without paying for the top-of-the-line rated filtering system. Homes which install a furnace carrying a 5-12 MERV rating will still enjoy superior air quality at home that is free of problems like:

  • Mold spores
  • Dusting aids
  • Pet dander
  • Fine dust kitchen products such as milled flour or pudding mix
  • Humidifier dust
  • Lead dust
  • Emissions and fumes from automobiles or industrial activity

Most homes have furnaces which bear a 1-4 MERV rating and utilize disposable filters. Therefore a 5-12 MERV rating offers above average air purity for quality residential properties, industrial workspaces, high-end commercial properties and even hospital laboratories.

Earning a Rating
MERV ratings are earned through rigorous testing to measure how much is removed from the air down to microns. One test measures dust particulates in the air and another test is used to measure synthetic particles.

At E & Q Heating & Cooling we offer a variety of furnaces. We have the right furnace with the right MERV rating perfect for your home or office. We believe the place where you live should be comfortable and healthy. You need and deserve better air quality at home and you can have it with the proper furnace. Call us or stop by our Lee’s Summit showroom and let us introduce your family to cleaner air and healthier living.