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Minimizing Your Need for Heat Repair Calls on Your Heat Pump

If you use a heat pump to warm your home, at some time you’ll need to call a professional for repairs. The good news is that you can take actionE & Q Heating & Cooling today to minimize those repair calls. And when you do, you’ll probably realize some savings on your home energy bill too.

Here are the heat repair preventives you can perform on your own:

1. Running your fan non-stop will make your heat pump work less efficiently. Avoid constant fan operation. Instead, use the auto-fan feature. Less wear and tear means less heat repair.

2. Change out or at least clean the air filters each month.

3. Find a comfortable heat setting and leave it there. Turning down the temperature can trigger emergency heat which will cost you extra dollars.

4. Periodically, turn off the fan and wipe it clean.

5. Check the outdoor coils to make sure they also stay clean and free of debris.

6. Vacuum or dust your return vents to maximize air flow. The harder the pump must work to push warm air into your home, the greater the stress on the unit.

When you give proper attention to your heat pump it will run more efficiently, experience less wear and tear and save you money. Just a few minutes each month in care can translate into fewer heating emergencies and less frequent heat repair.

For those times when you do need to call a professional heat technician, you can expect them to check the following:

  • Examine the ductwork to find out if there are any leaks. Tiny cracks or holes could be allowing warm air to escape. Sealing the ductwork can lower your energy bill and make your home warmer.
  • Fully inspect the indoor coil, blower and filters.
  • Check to make sure that airflow is unimpaired
  • Evaluate and perhaps even clean or snug up connections in the electrical terminals
  • Lubricate the motor
  • Look over belts to ensure that they are tight and in good operating condition. Worn or loose belts should be replaced.

In addition to the regular cleaning and checking that you do on your own, at E & Q Heating & Cooling we provide a semi-annual HVAC system check-up service. Our highly trained technicians can come to your home in the spring to look over your air-conditioning system and again in the fall to perform a pre-season check-up on your heat pump.

There is still plenty of winter left this season. Give us a call and let us come out and inspect your home heating before something goes wrong and you are left shivering. We are happy to make emergency and non-emergency house calls!