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Top Ways to Save Money on Home Heating Costs

Heating Repair Companies Know the Answer

By now, many parts of the country have experienced their first snowfall or at least the first dip into frigid winter temperatures. Home heatingRepairs 2 repair companies are dealing with emergency repair calls and customers who complain about high energy bills. But you don’t have to pay more to enjoy a warm home or make a panicked call to the home heating repair service. There are ways to save money on your home heating bill and discover greater confidence that your home will enjoy uninterrupted warmth all winter long. Here are three ways you can cut costs on your home heating bill.

  1. The cleanest and tidiest homes still must deal with the problems of dust and (human or pet) hair. These get sucked into your return vents right along with re-circulating air. Unhindered, they would eventually clog your home heating system. Thankfully, your HVAC system employs air filters to sift out these problem elements. The filter traps dust and hair to keep airflow in the ducts free flowing.Still, the air must pass through the filters first and the dirtier the filters, the less air is able to pass. Soiled filters will lower your furnace’s efficiency resulting in higher home heating bills. To keep your furnace working at maximum capacity, make sure to clean or replace filters often- monthly is a common recommendation.
  1. Once your furnace has heated the air, that warmed air is sent into the various rooms of your home via ductwork. If the air ducts are not completely airtight, warmed air can escape through tiny cracks and leaks. You are literally paying for air that escapes through the roof. Poorly sealed ductwork or ductwork in older homes where settling has occurred can account for 20 percent of wasted home heating costs. Heating repair companies can seal the leaky air ducts and bring inflated costs back down to reality.
  2. If you think about it, there’s no reason to heat your home to the same degree when everyone is away or asleep as you would when you’re all at home and awake. Yet many families set the home thermostat to one temperature and never make any adjustments. Granted, it’s no fun waiting for the house to reach comfort levels each time you adjust the thermostat.A programmable thermostat satisfies both concerns. It allows you to program your thermostat so that you only pay for the heating you’ll actually enjoy and it will start warming your home soon enough so that you don’t have to be uncomfortable waiting for the transition. You can save money without giving up comfort.

At E & Q Heating & Cooling we want to help our customers get the most out of their heating system while paying the least amount possible for their comfort. We can make a pre-season furnace check to ensure that things are in good working order. We can install a programmable thermostat to give you more control of heating costs. Even in the midst of winter, we can perform a check-up.

Stop by our Lee’s Summit store or call us today. Home heating repair companies don’t just want to fix what’s broken. We want to help you enjoy home comfort without the headache or the ache in your billfold.