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Winter Emergency Heating Repair is About More Than Comfort

Repairs 1A home or commercial building’s heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) system is meant to make life more comfortable. Cooled and de-humidified air in summer and warm moistened air in winter protect you from the harsh realities of seasonal extremes. However, HVAC systems provide much more than comfortable indoor air and therefore when an HVAC emergency occurs more can be affected than just the inside temperature.

More Than Comfortable Air
The HVAC system can be responsible for more than heating and cooling of a building. In some venues, such as restaurants, the HVAC system may control refrigerated food storage areas. Losing HVAC performance even for a short while can lead to some serious repercussions. Far better to do what you can to prevent these kinds of crisis situations ahead of time.

Regular Maintenance Reduces Repair Needs
The best way to avoid common repair concerns is to conduct scheduled maintenance on the system year-round. Although this can seem like an optional expense, especially if you pay for regular maintenance staff, in the event of needed emergency heating repair or air-cooling the benefits of regular upkeep will quickly become evident. For starters, the cost of steady maintenance can actually be less than the cost of emergency repairs. Not having to face the tremendous inconvenience of a non-functioning or malfunctioning system is likewise worth the investment of scheduled upkeep.

Trained Professionals Needed to Perform Repairs
Even if your facility does employ regular maintenance staff, it’s not always the case that these employees are qualified to perform emergency heating repair. The HVAC system involves dangerous cooling chemicals and water boiled to very high temperatures. It’s important that the person performing repairs is certified to handle such chemicals and has been trained to maintain and repair the HVAC unit. Enlisting the services of a trained, certified and experienced repair professional is recommended.

Many Reasons to Schedule Maintenance Checks
The real question, then, becomes whether you want to use such services in a prevention mode or in the dire situation of emergency heating repair. Cost, safety and convenience all point toward utilizing these professionals to prevent emergencies rather than to climb out of them.

At E & Q Heating & Cooling we offer fully qualified personnel who can come each fall and spring to make sure that all of your HVAC components are in top working condition before the demands of a new season set in. And should you need emergency heating repair in the midst of winter or cooling repair in the heat of summer, our professionals are available 24/7 to quickly repair and restore your comfort system. Contact us soon and let us show you how we can give you greater peace of mind. Because, it’s really about much more than comfort.