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Learning the Ropes of How to Make Heat at Home More Efficient

Every homeowner wants the place they call home to be as safe and efficient as possible, especially when it comes to their furnaces. Knowing how to make heat at home more efficient is important for every homeowner. Not all furnaces are created equal though, consider how yours stacks up when it comes to performance and overall efficiency.

Check Your Home’s Insulation

A well insulated home will retain heat and air much better than a home with very minimal or spotty insulation. Be sure that any and all leaksConserve Energy 1 and cracks throughout the house are filled and sealed as best as possible and that outside air is unable to enter into the house. If this is done properly, your furnace will be able to heat more efficiently.

Be Sure Your Furnace Works Efficiently

Knowing how to make heat at home more efficient can be tricky, especially if you don’t know what clues to look for when it comes to furnace efficiency. An efficient furnace is generally an electric model and not a gas one. A gas furnace relies on electricity to keep the fan blower motor running but a furnace with an electronically commutated motor, otherwise known as an ECM, uses much less electricity, making it a more efficient choice for a typical household.

Look Closely at Your Electric Bill

A furnace that’s equipped with an ECM will generally be much easier on the wallet than a gas model. Keep track of the amount of money that your electric company is asking you to pay from month to month and make a note of any spikes or fluctuations in your payments, especially if you make the choice to switch from a gas furnace to a more efficient ECM furnace variety. Furnaces that are run with an ECM tend to lower electric bills significantly, saving the average household anywhere from $40 to $300 each year.

Be Smart When it Comes to Installation                         

If you decide to take the plunge and purchase a new furnace, be sure that all safety precautions and codes are followed as closely as possible when it is being installed in your house. A furnace that is installed incorrectly may not be as efficient, so be sure that you have a professional install it properly and make any necessary changes to the airflow so that your furnace settings are personalized to your home’s individual ductwork and layout and the specific elements of the furnace that is being installed.

Consider Your Furnace’s AFUE

Figuring out how to make heat at home more efficient starts with knowing a few important key words before you shop, purchase, or install a new furnace in your home. For example, terms like AFUE, or Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency, should be at the forefront of your mind. This amount measures your furnace’s overall ability to use energy well. A higher AFUE reading equates to a higher level of heat being released into your house per each dollar you pay to produce it.

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