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Humidifier Benefits for Your Health and Your Home

Humidifier 1When the weather outside our cozy homes begins to turn chillier and dryer by the day, it’s time to consider the vast amount of humidifier benefits. You might be thinking of a small humidifier unit that can cleanse the air of an individual room as long as the tank of water that it holds is refilled with water over and over again, but today’s technology has pushed the applications of a humidifier even further, making it possible to humidify an entire house from one central location.

These systems are as convenient as they are effective. They can be installed right into your existing heating and cooling system and the humidifier benefits that stem from that are expansive. For starters, this humidifying system can be manually controlled by you right on your thermostat, giving you the ability to control the amount of moisture that is expelled into your home from day to day on a year round basis. That’s not all though. Whole house humidifiers provide many other safe and energy-saving benefits as well.

1. It Can Cleanse Your Body
The dryness level of the air around you causes common winter issues like colds or cracked, dry skin. One of the most impactful humidifier benefits of a whole house unit is that it can prevent issues like this from affecting you and your family. Air quality is improved as the humidifier releases a healthy level of moisture into the air within your home, which will ultimately keep things like dry noses, asthma flare ups, and sore throats at bay all winter long.

2. It Can Keep You From Getting Sick
It’s a little known fact that viruses tend to last longer in an area with a very low level of humidity, which is why you need a whole house humidifier system to protect you and the ones you love. People are more likely to develop an infection in a space that is too dry, so one big humidifier benefit comes in the form of preventing you from showing any signs of a common cold or a nasty flu.

3. It Can Lower Your Electric Bill
When the cold starts to hit outside, it’s easy to assume that bumping up the temperature on your home’s thermostat is all you need to begin to feel warm, but you may be wrong about that. With a whole house humidifier, you can feel much more cozy and warm, even if your thermostat is set at a relatively low temperature overall. With every degree you adjust on your thermostat, you are either saving or losing four percent of your hard-earned money.

4. It Can Help Your Home Stand the Test of Time
A home that is well cared for and well preserved is generally a home with a lot of moisture in the air. Humidifier benefits like this are some that you may not have considered. You want to keep the place that you live looking as good as new for as long as possible. Dry air can do a lot of damage over time, especially when it comes to things like your furniture, your walls, your wood floors and your plaster walls. When your home is retaining moisture at a healthy level, the elements that make it up will last much longer over time.

Knowing where to go when it comes to your heating and cooling needs isn’t always easy, but E & Q Heating & Cooling strives to make the process of energy efficiency as simple and painless as possible. We care about providing products and services that are as safe as they are effective. Give us a call when you’re ready to take the plunge and install a life-changing, home-preserving humidifier system within the walls of the place you call yours.