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Why You Should Consider a Programmable Thermostat Upgrade

For most homes, staying warm in winter and cool in summer represents some of the most significant home expenditures each month. Part ofIndoor Air Quality the reason heating and cooling costs are such a large part of monthly expenses is that the furnace or air conditioner often runs when no one is home. Installing a programmable thermostat is a great way to lower your energy costs and prolong the life of your unit.

Automation is the Future
As American homes incorporate more automation from sound systems to entertainment, lighting and beyond, it only makes sense that automating the temperature of your home should become a natural progression. But convenience isn’t the only reason to think about a programmable thermostat upgrade in your home.

How it Works
Older thermostats have you set the temperature each time you desire a change. A programmable thermostat allows you to pre-set the temperature, including temperature changes – for the entire day or week. With a programmable thermostat you can work during the day and have it warm up just before everyone gets home. The thermostat can automatically lower temperatures while you sleep and raise them again just before everyone gets up in the morning. You only heat (or cool) your home when you really need it.

Real Savings
Controlling the temperature can help families trim up to 30 percent of energy expenses. You pay for the heat or cool when you are home and awake and not when you are away or asleep. A programmable thermostat can be pre-set to suit workday, weekend or vacation schedules. Why pay for heating or cooling when you aren’t even in your home? With an updated thermostat, you don’t have to any longer.

Save Money, Save the System
Not only will your family save dollars on home energy bills, but by not overworking your HVAC system, you can also extend the life of your equipment. You’ll be paying fewer repair dollars and replacing parts less frequently as you place less demand on the unit.

At E & Q Heating & Cooling we are all about helping customers improve home comfort while taking more control of their home energy costs. We offer high efficiency furnaces and superior performance air conditioners that provide the best in home climate control without gouging energy bills.

We offer seasonal check-ups to make sure that customers’ HVAC systems are operating smoothly and efficiently. Installing a programmable thermostat is just one more way we can help our clients lower the cost of home comfort. You don’t have to sacrifice comfort to save money. A thermostat upgrade could do the trick. Call us or stop by soon to find out how installing a modern thermostat could save your family real dollars in 2015.