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Indoor Air Quality and Kids: What You Need to Know

Play Time 1One-fifth of the American population spends their day in an environment over which they have little control and which could affect their health and ability to perform. We’re not talking about office employees, but school children sitting in classrooms. Twenty percent of our population is sitting in a closed-air environment at school most days and how much thought has been given to the quality of the air they are breathing there? Or the air in your home? Indoor air quality and kids should be a priority consideration.

Indoor Air Quality and Kids at School
The nation’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reports that 50 percent of U.S. schools have sub-par indoor air quality. Children spend many hours in classrooms and are vulnerable to various health problems associated with poor air quality.

What Schools Can do to Improve Air Quality
There are steps schools can take to improve indoor air quality which include:

  • Perform routine air quality inspections
  • Perform routine maintenance on heating and cooling systems
  • Perform regular pest control measures
  • Be vigilant about moisture and mold control measures
  • Observe consistent cleaning practices

What Parents Can Do
Parents who feel that the air quality in their child’s school is sub-standard can:

  • Check out the EPA posting page which discusses school air quality to find out how poor air quality can lead to poor academic performance
  • Talk to school officials and have specific problems in mind. Be willing to be part of the solution. You could head up a committee to partner with the school toward improved classroom air quality
  • Talk to the State Health Department

Indoor Air Quality and Kids at Home
Air quality also matters when kids are at home. Regardless of the home heating and cooling system you buy, regular maintenance of the unit is necessary in order to guarantee that the home air is as clean and pollutant-free as possible. Air ducts need annual or semi-annual cleaning. Air filters need to be changed out on a regular, sometimes monthly. The air filtering system may need to be cleaned or replaced to ensure that particles from outdoors are not sent through the vents into the air you breathe indoors.

At E&Q Comfort Heating & Cooling we work with our customers to make sure that your home or is not only warm and dry in winter and cool and dry in summer, but also filled with the best possible air to breathe. We perform annual and semi-annual maintenance check-ups on all parts and components to your home comfort system, including a check on air ducts and filters.

We’ve spent more than 30 years helping families stay warm in winter and cool in summer and we care about the air you and your children are breathing. Call us today and schedule a winter check-up. We’ll be happy to come make sure everything is working at peak performance. We’ll also suggest another check in Spring, so that you can rest easy knowing that the indoor air quality of your home is healthy for your kids and for you.